Filthy Riches by Lauren Landish

Filthy Riches by Lauren Landish
on February 19, 2019

A pretend relationship.A deadly game.One misstep, and it could mean both of our lives.
I’m just a girl, with dreams too big, and hopes verging on hopeless.I never planned to become his.
Nathan Stone.Fiercely handsome. Powerful. The pull between us borders on primal.I need to be careful. He’s a dangerous man with even more dangerous enemies.
He took a big gamble, lying to protect me.Now his future is on the line as much as mine, and we have to keep up this charade.Make it look convincing.
But when his lips touch mine, I taste only truth.When he pulls me into his arms, it feels like forever.
It can’t just be the ruse and the danger of getting caught.My heart says this is real . . .And I’ll follow him to the ends of the Earth to prove it.

Mind blowing! 

As many before me have said it, this is Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft type of affair.
The plot is 3D, because it moves in so many directions and i’m not even sure there are two main characters or four. 

There’s this guy, Michael Stone – modern day Indiana Jones and also owner of a huge billion dollars gem stones corporation who’s been murdered because of some sacred, ancient stone hidden in some cave in the deep Brazilian jungle. Two days after his death, his pregnant assistant get killed as well.

So here we are, with his two sons – Nathan and Caleb Stone trying to retrace their father’s steps and find who killed him and also find that gem. There’s also the assistant’s fiancé who’s looking for revenge/answers. Throw in the FBI, two girls (our heroines) and the Russian mafia and you have it all. 

To say that the plot is complex it’s a huge understatement. It simply blows your mind with all the action and the developments and twists and eveything. Plus, there’s a dose of smutness that will leave you panting as well. I mentioned the four “main characters” because there’s also the parallel love story between Carly and Kyle.

One last thing, I don’t think the title is the best choice for this book. It has nothing to do with all the greatness inside. That being said, DON’T THINK TWICE and just read this book, especially since it’s free on KU.