Fight Me, Daddy (Dangerous Daddy #1) by Zoe Blake

by Zoe Blake
Fight Me, Daddy Series: Dangerous Daddy #1
on November 26, 2018

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No one screwed with him...ever.Logan had a fierce reputation. He was cruel, calculating and very dangerous. Above all, he got the job done - by any means necessary.
When he is hired to retrieve information from a young woman who has fled to an isolated cabin, he decides to amuse himself with the powerless female.He'll make her submit to his every depraved desire. Subjecting her to pain and punishment, he won't relent, not even when she submits and calls him Daddy.She can beg and plead her innocence all she wants, but he won't stop.And if his little plaything decides to fight him?Even better.

4 Bedeviled Angel Stars ⭐️ 

“It’s time you learned what happens to little girls who lie.”

Chloe is in a helluva mess. On the run and hiding in her uncle’s cabin, it’s only time before the past catches up with her. Her ex boyfriend is only half her troubles and she took care of that…She could use a savior but Logan isn’t exactly what she would have wished for.

”The man looked like the type of prison thug you only saw in the movies…or mug shots on the news. Impossibly tall, his chest and arms were thick with muscle. He had a neck tattoo. A goddamn neck tattoo. Piercing blue eyes watched her with amusement.”

Chloe’s our of time and her past crimes are back to taunt her. But her savior has been biding his time. Although he has a job to do, he intends to bring the young woman he’s been watching to heal.

“Ignoring her cries, Logan cracked the leather on her ass a second time. “Your whole life you’ve acted without thought to consequence. Wild. Lacking discipline.”
“What you need, little girl, is a daddy. Someone to keep you in line.”

Fight Me, Daddy is an action packed kinky romance between an anti hero who will great lengths to discipline his willful damsel with lots of spankings and filthy orgasms to get you hot and bothered. This was an unexpectedly hot hot read that was well written and really good!

”He wanted it all…every bit of her. The innocence and the darkness. He wanted to be the one to possess; to dominate her…to break her.”