Far Cry (Talbott’s Cove #3) by Kate Canterbary

Far Cry by Kate Canterbary
Series: Talbotts Cove #3
on August 27, 2019

Brooke Markham needs a man. A real good man.
But she's not looking for a keeper. She's too busy kicking ass, running an empire, and caring for her ailing father to spend time with men who want annoying things like relationships and commitment and…conversation.
Brooke knows what she wants and it's not a future with the growly barkeep.
JJ Harniczek needs money. A whole lot of money.
He's determined to launch his distillery, expand his tavern, and put Talbott's Cove on the foodie tourism map. But there's no way he's asking Brooke for a dime. Not before he takes her to bed and definitely not after.
JJ knows where he's headed and the blonde bombshell isn't about to change that.
Not until she changes his entire world.

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5 Clam Jamming Stars ⭐️ 

Far Cry is a refreshing take on modern romance that a lot of us women could relate to. With no virgins in sight, characters in their 30s with real life issues, we finally get a book where they are in touch with their sexuality and aren’t afraid to pursue it. If you haven’t read Kate Cantebary before you’re missing out. This is the perfect book to pop your cherry on. You will be rooting for the underdog and let me tell you it isn’t the heroine!

Brooke has moved back to the small town of Talbott’s Cove to look after her ailing father. Leaving the bright lights of NYC, she manages to maintain her lucrative career from the confines of her family home. But small town living isn’t ideal for everybody. With everyone knowing your business and the slow pace, it doesn’t offer the distraction she needs. In other words, she is going stir crazy. To add to her predicament, she’s hard up and one seriously cranky lady.

There was more than enough on my plate right now, and putting out small town slut-shamey fires wasn’t the side dish I was willing to order.”

“But some things were worth an extra helping of local drama. “Fuck it,” I murmured. “I need to find myself a man.”

Jed has lived in town all his life. He runs the local tavern and is trying to establish his own brewery. Life is busy and he doesn’t need the complications of a woman such as Brooke. There friendship is tentative at best; but somehow he’s not so keen on her using his bar as her own personal pick up joint. When high maintenance clashes with grumpy lumberjack, there will be fireworks and getting intimate would be plain stupid…

It’s so great that you have opinions,” she mused. “Even better that I don’t give a single fuck what you think.” 

She leaned forward, folded her arms on the edge of the bar. “Then again, I can’t give a single fuck because I don’t have any. Literally. I have no fucks because you cockblocked me.”

Brooke is barely coping with her situation. She may feel alone but she’s insistent in not accepting help and maintaining control. She is shocked to realise that Jed is far more perceptive then ever given credit for, and he’s more then equipped to provide her with an outlet she’s been gagging for.

Close your mouth, sweetheart, unless that’s where you want me putting this.” 

I glanced up as he joined me on the bed. 
“Could you talk less? Your cock looks bigger when you’re quiet.”

Seriously, this book was unique, amusing, sexy and wittingly written. With an awesome side cast of friends, the craziness of small town living, and the most gorgeous lumberjack you’ll ever encounter, I absolutely loved it. I think I highlighted half the book!

For such a mouthy, bratty woman, you’re shit at asking for what you want.”