Every Time I Fall (The Raeven Sisters #2) by Anna Karington

Every Time I Fall (The Raeven Sisters Book 2) by Anna Karington

This is a stand-alone novel that includes graphic content and a HEA.
Rock bottom has just made a new friend: Janet Raeven. Unemployed and recently divorced from her abusive husband, she’s trying to get her life back in order. Despite her mother’s insistence that a man can cure her of all her problems, she knows that’s the last thing she needs right now.
Enter multi-millionaire Hayden Lancaster. He’s hot. He’s charming. And everything about him turns her on. Her attempts at fighting her attraction to him fail miserably. She can’t get him off her mind, and she’s having a hard time keeping her clothes on when he’s around. As she submits to her attraction, he draws her into his over-the-top lifestyle of fancy cars, lavish parties, and exotic vacations. But along with this lifestyle comes a long list of exes and one-night-stands. Janet can’t compete with these models, beauty queens, and heiresses, and the more she encounters, the more it seems Hayden is luring her into his life so that she can end up just another ex-lover. He claims she means more to him than the others, but if this is a game, she’s losing, and this defeat might just be too much for her to handle.

Thank God it’s over. I can’t believe I was able to finish it. Jeeeez!
Let me tell you this. I’m no writer. I’m no book critic. I read around 300 books so far, so I’m no expert, but I am quite certain that this book is the worst I ever read. 

If it wasn’t provided to me through Netgalley, I wouldn’t have finished it. It’s awful! It felt like a punishment reading it. Now, let me tell you why was that.

We have Janet and Hayden
Janet is a third grade teacher, currently unemployed and almost broke. She’s also divorced. Her ex husband was beating her. She’s also an alcoholic. She has other 2 sisters, one of them happily married to a millionaire, the other one divorced from another millionaire. Janet envies her sisters and her best friend, because they live happy lives and she doesn’t. WTF, Janet? 
Hayden: millionaire, good looking, man-whore. We know he’s an alcoholic too, because he meets Janet at AA support group. We don’t know much else about him. 
So far, this is problem #1. We don’t know him. At all. I can’t formulate an opinion about him. And Janet? I feel like grabbing her, shaking her and ask her again: “wtf is wrong with you, woman?”

Next problem. The story. Here we go: they meet at AA as I said before. She notices him and prays he doesn’t sit next to her. But he does. They don’t talk. Don’t share. Don’t anything. 
Second time around she’s involved in a small car accident, he helps her, takes her home and kisses her. He leaves his business card in her open purse. She texts him the next day saying. “This is Janet. What’s up?”
Then they have sex. He takes her to an event where she meets most of the beautiful women he slept with. She’s more insecure. She doesn’t understand why does he want to be with her, when she’s nothing comparing to all the other women. 
He tells her they’re all in the past and she believes him, because she wants to keep having sex with him.
And basically we keep going like this for 99% of the book. (view spoiler)

Problem #3. Let me give you some quotes so you can see for yourself.
“He’s hypnotized me. And I feel like a vampire’s concubine.”
“Like he just wants to spoil me with his fluids.”
“I just hope his dick is as big as it looked in his jeans.”
“I’m ashamed of myself, because even if he was the biggest jerk in the world, I wouldn’t deny him.”
“Marry me.” “Of course,” I say. He sits beside me and places the ring on my finger.”

I didn’t highlight it, but trust me. All she says is that she wants him to assault her, claim her and so on. 
My eyes are bleeding.

Problem #4. Epilogue. If you are strong enough to get there, you’ll see what I mean. 

I rest my case. This book is 3.99$ on Amazon US. I feel like I should have been paid myself to read it. 

Ps: I am really, truly sorry for writing such an awful review. I keep thinking about the author and what she might be feeling reading all these negative reviews about her work and it breaks my heart. I know I would be devastated if someone would comment on my reviews, which are nothing compared to a book you’re trying to sell.