Eighteen: 18 by J.A. Huss

Eighteen: 18 by J.A. Huss

Also by this author: Three, Two, One, The Triangle (Shape of Love, #1)
Eighteen: 18 by J.A. Huss

Also by this author: Three, Two, One, The Triangle (Shape of Love, #1)

Have you ever read any of J.A Huss’s books? Well, I only readΒ Three, Two, One, but if you didn’t and this is your first, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. First thing I’d advise you to do would be to drop any preconceptions, judgements, principles you might have. Just keep an open mind and don’t drop the book ’till the end. (i think i’ve said that with 3,2,1 as well, so it might be a JA Huss trademark)

There’s something else you should know. JA Huss says she “wrote this book for people who relate to drama and angst” and that “people read fiction to escape reality (in my case to dream of pink fairytales πŸ™‚ ), but not everyone wants the perfect Mary Sue character to be saved by the billionaire and the perfect ending with two point five kids” (btw J, you forgot to mention the white picket fence. I want that too. ).
I must admit I’m one of those people. I usually prefer todread read about all that, but even i get bored and i go looking for something else. And for me, J.A Huss, you’re the perfect “something else”.

So, this novel is based on a true story and it’s about a girl –Β Shannon who just turned 18, lost her sister who OD’d and died, found herself with her baby niece and her scumbag of a brother-in-law, in a new school, needing to take extra classes because of a fucked up system they got in CA. Long story short, her life is miserable and has been for some time.
One of those extra classes is Trig and her new teacher isΒ Mateo.

I don’t want to get into many details, because for this book might ruin everything. You might already know that they will have extra hot, forbidden, taboo, unconventional, dirty sex, so don’t freak out. I must confess that my eyes were as wide as they could be many times, but then i knew that’s not just it, there has to be more, there has to be something meaningful. And in my opinion, there was.

A few things i want to remember:

“He laughs. And it’s such a warm, hearty laugh, I want to bottle it up and keep it with me for all the days ahead that i will be sad.”

“I can’t imagine you get ignored much. You’re like a little explosion in a bottle.”

“Life isn’t open-book, Shannon. You just think it is, because you can look up anything you want on the internet. Answers are free these days. But it’s an illusion. You have to work for the answers.”

“I can’t understand the answer to my problem unless I understand the process of working it out.”

“What the fuck are you doing?”
“I’m saving you, bitch.”

5β˜… without any doubt, even if it’s not pink and it’s not a fairytale. πŸ™‚