Dysfunctional by Eve Dangerfield

Dysfunctional by Eve Dangerfield

Country club waitress Jessica's track record is so bad she's sworn off men for the foreseeable future. But a girl has needs and when a handsome customer asks her out, she informs him a pre-Christmas one night stand is as far as things can go. Of course, that was before Austin kissed her. That was before she realised he's not like anyone who came before.

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5 Fuckwit Stars ⭐

Jessica is a waitress when she’s not studying. As the primary carer for her mum and sister, money is tight and life is full on. Independently resourceful and smart, she’s quit men and is happy living by her own ideals after a history of dating disasters.
Thus her self imposed celibacy.

“I have the world’s worst track record with men and the mere fact that I’m all weak in the knees over you means you probably strangle cats for fun.”

Dealing with the hectic pace of the Diamond Hill Country Club is barely tolerable, but add in the Christmas season filled with drunken assholes, it’s unbearable. With her boss gone AWOL it becomes Jessica’s responsibility to put out all the metaphorical fires. Except she isn’t prepared for Austen Delaney-Ford.

“Even in my state of numbness I know this is bad. Not because my hands are tingling and my teeth are aching and adrenaline is coursing into my veins Attraction, the kind that knocks you off your feet is here. It’s come for me.”

Austen may need to work at convincing Jessica to shelve her reservations and break her ‘vow of chastity’ but he is utterly perfect. I would have shagged him in the conference room, no hesitations!! You will adore him 💕

” I’m so going to get a crush on you,”

“Yup, I’m going to write shit poetry about you and think about you all the time. It’s gonna be fuckin’ tragic.”

Dysfunctional is a quick read novella that will have you laughing out loud, shaking your head at Jessica’s inner monologue and praising Eve Dangerfield’s wicked talent.