Drop Dead Dirty by Jade West

Drop Dead Dirty by Jade West
on June 12, 2019

Oliver Kent isn’t just drop dead gorgeous…He’s drop dead dirty too.

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4 Second Chance Stars ⭐️ 

Drop Dead Dirty is an erotic small town, second chance romance that will make you swoon while incinerating your panties at the same time. There was no part of this story I didn’t enjoy.

Single mother Maisie Moore has lived in the same town where not much changes. But in ‘a tiny town with tiny dreams’ nothing could detract from her biggest accomplishment, her son Freddie.
Although content with her life, she has never forgotten the one boy that left it all behind, Oliver Kent.

“Oliver Kent. The boy who still held my heart as tightly as he ever had, back when we were young kids with big dreams, professing undying love and an undying future together.”

At their 10-year school reunion, Oliver Kent makes a surprise reappearance after spending the last decade making a name for himself in London. Leaving behind a failed relationship and a business that no longer fulfils him, it doesn’t take long for these two to reconnect. All it takes is a mere conversation for all their old feelings to resurface.

“I wanted to show her what it felt like to be with a man who really, truly loved her for her. A man, not the boy she’d caught herself up in before he was ready to know who that man could be.”

An innocent phone call to catch up on time past, turns a walk down memory lane into a future with endless possibility.  Two people that were meant, soon rediscover the chemistry and connection they once shared. Just one phone call to reawaken the passionate woman that has been dormant for far too long.

“You’re going to be so fucking dirty for me, Maisie Moore. You have no idea how dirty I’m going to make you… or how much you’re going to fucking beg for more of it…””

And as this story escalates quickly, you almost wish your ex would call you purely for this level of phone sex…

As both Maisie and Oliver acknowledge their love, these two will need to get their very different lives to coexist to be finally happy.

“I was more in love with her now than I’d ever been. Her sweet soul, her honesty and kindness. Her cute little laugh. That filthy little sparkle in her eyes.” 

Drop Dead Dirty was perfect for me. Why? Because this was a story about real people who didn’t play games and had baggage. They had insecurities, they had everyday lives and they had hopes and dreams . Amidst all the hot sex (and there was plenty), there was romance that made me feel joyous. 💜