Driven (Driven #1) by K. Bromberg

by K. Bromberg
Driven Series: Driven #1

by K. Bromberg
Driven Series: Driven #1

So, i’ve read this book once again. As I was trying to say with my .gif from above, i feel the need to beg for forgiveness for initially rating this amazing book with just 3★, when it’s obvious that it deserves 5+. That being said, here we go.

Colton Donavan aka A.C.E & Rylee Thomas
Colton is the “hot and upcoming racecar driver extraordinaire, son of a mega-Hollywood-movie director, and the serial philanderer who provides the tabloids constant fodder for their gossip columns” with his BBB (Bevy of Blonde Beauties). “The bad boy with a touch of vulnerability who leaves you breathless and steals your heart” and who claims he’s “damaged goods” and has “enough baggage to fill up a 747”.
Rylee has lost her fiancé in a terrible accident 2 years ago and hasn’t quite recovered yet. She’s taking care of a few young boys, who depend on her as they come from dysfunctional families, they’re traumatized and have no one else in their life.

The story is simple: they meet at a charity event, she finds herself locked in a storage closet which triggers her claustrophobia and her panic attacks, he “saves” her by opening the door, they have a super hot moment of kissing and grabbing and so on, she comes to her senses and says no more, he’s hooked because she says no and so it starts the chase. Of course, he’s an arrogant bastard serving her lines like
“i’m used to women falling at my feet”
“i like feisty, sweetheart. it only makes me want you that much more”
“when i like what i see, i go after it”
. But who are we kidding, ladies? We like bad boys, naughty, alpha and so on, don’t we? As much as they might be infuriating, they turn us on, right? Right? 😀

Now, everything revolves around this chase. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants (he wants her, but doesn’t want to commit, he pushes her away because he know he’ll hurt her, but he keeps seducing her). She’s scared, confused, doesn’t quite trust him, doesn’t understand her reactions towards him as this has never happened to her and falls in love with a mercurial man she doesn’t get (but we do, because we learned from the best, right Mr. Grey?).

I’ve read my initial review and I still think this story looks something like Fifty Shades. They are some similarities between the two, like: He being adopted, mercurial, dominant, alpha, confusing, commitment-phobe, says he doesn’t date, doesn’t do the girlfriend thing, isn’t romantic, the nightmares he has and the cliffhanger is also somewhere close to FSOG.
BUT this time around i connected more with both of them and the story itself. I didn’t try to compare the books, just feel this one and it’s AMAZING.
I loved the “playlist” (they tell each other how they feel through songs and they’re spot on).
I loved how he acted around the kids, especially Zander. My heart was literally on the floor.

That being said, I’m so happy I read this book once again and for changing my mind about it. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

my initial review of the book:

“I know all about baggage, sweetheart. I have enough of it to fill up a 747 and then some.”
This book smells a lot of FSOG, minus the bdsm stuff.
Taunted bad boy meets sweet girl and because she says no, he keeps going after her with everything he has. I can give it more than 3*, just because it’s not too original and i hoped to see more than a chase and Colton to grow a pair and be a man.