Dreams of 18 by Saffron A. Kent

Dreams of 18 by Saffron A. Kent
on October 10, 2019

"You don't go around kissing your best friend's dad, do you?Even though that's all you ever dream about."
Violet Moore is in love with a man who hates her.
Well, to be fair, she kinda deserves it.
On her eighteenth birthday, she got drunk and threw herself at him, causing a huge scandal in their sleepy suburban town.
Now everyone thinks she’s a slut and he has disappeared. Rumor has it that he’s been living up in the mountains of Colorado, all alone and in isolation.
But Violet is going to make it right.
She’s going to find him and bring him back.
No matter how cruel and mean he is, how much he hurts her with his cold-hearted and abrasive ways, she won’t give up.
And neither will she think about his tempting lips or his sculpted muscles or his strong hands. The hands that she wants on her body, touching her, feeling her skin…
The hands that make her want to forget everything and kiss Graham Edwards – Mr. Edwards, actually – again.
Because you don’t go around kissing your best friend’s dad, do you?
Even though that’s all you ever dream about.____
Previously titled Nicotine Dreams

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5 Blooming Violet Stars ⭐

Her intention was never to ruin his life, the man she dreamed about, the man that consumed her thoughts. It was a mistake that cost them all dearly.

Violet has spent the first 18 years of her life being neglected, ignored, an outcast. She never expected to develop a crush on her neighbor who happened to be her best friend’s dad. She’s not manipulative or impulsive, she’s just lonely and naive. Her crush for Mr Graham Edwards was always meant to be her secret until it wasn’t.

“It was just that: a kiss. A lonely, filled with longing and overflowing with dreams kiss.”

When everybody’s lives implode, Graham’s been forced to move away and the fragile girl is now broken. Suffering from far too many losses, her only aim is to make things right. Everything else including her well-being is secondary.

“So, I’m a celebrity now: The Slut of Cherryville, Connecticut and I suffer from a Panic Disorder.”

With the best of intentions, Violet tracks Mr Edwards down and high-jacks his life in atonement. She is prepared to endure his wrath if only he would accept her apology. Except his anger isn’t for the reason she thinks. He’s been holding his own secrets. Her once great man is hurting just as much as she is. As the truth is revealed, the obstacles for them being together are being ripped away. With so much on the line, only acceptance will get them through.

“In this moment, it feels like destiny. Like I was meant to kiss him. I was meant to throw myself at him, clutch onto his shirt, step onto his shoes and put my mouth on his.”

Saffron A Kent has a way with words that grabs you by the throat and forces you to feel. Dreams of 18 was no different. I was so invested in this book that I became completely absorbed in the world she created. And in my opinion that constitutes 5 stars.
She succeeded in making our heroine Violet so breathtakingly flawed and it gutted me that frankly I didn’t care how she got her HEA as long as she did. As for Mr Edwards, you didn’t know whether to shake him or climb on top…..