Drago (Made Men #6) by Sarah Brianne

Drago by Sarah Brianne
Series: Made Men #6
on January 20, 2019

Drago is the protector, willing to risk his life for the Carusos. Katarina is a Luciano, protected only by her brothers. Gunned down by her Family, he is seeking vengeance. Chosen by his, she’s forced to unite their blood. Marrying her might just be his sweet revenge. Marrying him would be a marriage made in hell.
I’m just a f**king bodyguard. I’m the f**king devil’s daughter.

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What just happened?! 
It suddenly ended!!! My kindle said i had one hour left of it, but it ended!!! Gaaaaah!

I’m utterly dissatisfied. First, there was the structure of the book – one paragraph chapters? Then, the story itself. You know the war between the mafia families, Lucianos and Carusos? Well, i thought it was settled by Lucca (❤️) killing Lucifer Luciano and taking Angel. Only now, to have another Luciano forced into marriage to Drago De Santis. For what exactly?
Also, there was the third person POV that didn’t work for me at all. 
Have i mentioned that nothing really happens? 
Don’t get me started on the romance part of the book which is illusive. 

I’m left with so many questions. One Shot? Sal?Maria? Dominic?