Dirty Sweet Wild (Bad Billionaires #2) by Julie Kriss

Dirty Sweet Wild by Julie Kriss
Series: Bad Billionaires #2
on January 4, 2017

The stripper who came to my door got the wrong apartment.
I was planning to tell her. But she kissed me first.

You’d never know I’m a millionaire. I wear jeans and t-shirts. I’m a recluse. Afghanistan left me with scars inside and out. All I want is to be left alone.
I sure as hell didn’t order the stripper who showed up. All I know is that the hottest, sweetest woman I’ve ever seen is naked in my lap.
I don’t even know her name, but I want her. No good can come of this. And suddenly, I don’t care.
I strip for money. It’s just a job. Until I meet Mr. Wrong Apartment.
He’s big and dangerous. Grumpy and damaged. Biceps that make me want to cry. One wrong house call, and suddenly I’m breaking my own rules.
Things are spinning out of control. We’re both broken. Maybe we can’t be fixed. Together we’re fire and gasoline. But I might let everything burn if he’ll just touch me one more time…
**Standalone full-length romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating.**

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5 Fucking Adorable Stars ⭐

Max Reilly is ex marines trying to adjust back into civilian life. After partially losing a limb and now suffering from PTSD courtesy of Afghanistan, he spends his days in construction, working out and reading in his shitty apartment. Left with a multitude of bills and debts, inheriting a substantial amount of money hasn’t eased the burden.

When strip-o-gram Gwen turns up on Max’s door step in a case of mistaken location, the stripping routine quickly escalates. Neither are expecting the instant connection & attraction that leads to the hottest sex each haven’t experienced in a long while.

“And when our eyes met, I saw everything. I saw that he was smart and fascinated and turned on. I saw that he was unaware of how hot he was. I saw that he had some kind of sadness, deep behind his eyes, that had nothing to do with me. And I saw the raw fact that he really, really wanted to fuck me. Hard. And he was keeping himself in check.”

Max isn’t much of a people’s person, but Gwen is not prepared for their hook-up to be a once off. Sleeping with a random isn’t normally her style. It makes her more determined to explore whatever this is she’s feeling for the fascinatingly growly man. She will have to pull out the big guns to get Max to let his guard down long enough to take a chance at living again.

“Here’s how it works,” I said, as if he’d spoken.

“You’re single. I’m single. We’re both free, and neither of us is gay.

I’m on the pill, and we’ve established we don’t have any diseases. So, we go on a date.

We have a few drinks. We talk, or something, and when you take me home, I give you a blow job.

See? Simple.”

Dirty Sweet Wild is the second book in the Bad Billionaires series and can be read as a standalone. I would highly recommend you reading this series in order as the characters are interconnecting and each book is awesome!

Even though this book was humorous and downright sexy, there was so much more to the story. Both Max and Gwen have real issues that aren’t easily glossed over and their daily lives are a struggle just dealing with their pain and loneliness.
What I adored was the role reversal with the confident, beautiful girl trying to convince the grumpy, jaded man to give them a go. But when our heroine flounders, Max will step up to lead them. It was heart-warming watching their journey, the back and forth and finally the acceptance that they could do this together.

“She said that it was a miracle, but she finally found someone more fucked up than she is.”