Denying Mr. Parks (The Parks Series #1) by Lilly James

Denying Mr. Parks by Lilly James
Series: The Parks Series #1

Denying Mr. Parks by Lilly James
Series: The Parks Series #1

You know the biggest cliche in the world?
“It’s not you, it’s me”?
That’s what I feel like saying now, after reading this. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

This was recommended by a great friend I found on GR and she was sure I’ll love it. I was sure i will too, because we have similar taste in books, so imagine my surprise.

I definitely didn’t hate it and saying I didn’t like it makes me feel like a liar, so…..
Let me explain.

Meet Evelyn Banks and Wade Parks.
She’s working as an assistant secretary at Parks Law Firm.
He’s a rich American tycoon who comes to check things in his London company and when he sees Evelyn and of course he decides he wants her.

The book is called “Denying Mr. Parks”, right? Well, it’s the most perfect title ever for this. Why? Because all book you’ll hear something like:

Him: “I want to fuck you, Evelyn. You’ll be mine. I want to posses you.”
Her: “NO! Leave me alone. Get away from me. I don’t want you.”

Besides that, here are other things that didn’t work for me:

1. I really don’t like weak, secretive heroes/heroines. The feminist in me yells that I’m mainly talking about the women in my books. Evelyn is an alcoholic, ex drug addict, her parents being the same and she had a life full of misery, pain and nobody to show her affection. Ok, I get it. It’s tough. She says she’s been sober for 9 months, but you’ll see her drunk more than once. Of course, she’s lying to everyone saying she’s fine and sober.

2. Mr. Parks definitely has his own demons to fight. I felt something was wrong with him all book, to get some kind of confirmation in the end.

3. All this chase. “Yes”. “No.” “Yes”. “No.” “Yes”. “No.” “Yes”. “No.” “Yes”. “No.” “Yes”. “No.”

4. There’s sexual attraction between them. I felt you and if you read the book you will too. So he takes advantage of that and “forces” himself on Evelyn. They even get to have sex a couple of times. What does she do? The moment it’s over she runs away. Each and every time.

5. Alex. Evelyn lives with her best friend, Steph, who wants her to be with her brother, Alex. Alex is good and kind, but Evelyn doesn’t feel anything for him. What does she do? She plays with him. Accepts to go on dates with him, kisses him and in my opinion, simply leads him on. Not cool.

6. The end. I think you can call it a cliffhanger, since Steph told Mr. Parks everything that’s wrong with Evelyn and who she is and why she’s the that way and what does he do? He says: “I will happily leave. People like you disgust me. And don’t worry, you won’t see me again.”

7. The writing. Not bad, but things like “sinking deeply into my slick channel with his hard length” made me burst into laughing.

Now, there where some good things too. I won’t lie. I got aroused a couple of times, because Mr. Parks is a controlling, dominant, possessive alpha male and as Evelyn said:
“I could tell that under that expensive suit was a recipe for woman’s hormonal eruption.”

I also appreciated the fact that he tried very hard to have Evelyn, but at some point it got frustrating and sort of demeaning to chase a woman you don’t even know, who keeps telling you no, who keeps telling you to “fuck off”.

So basically, I feel like there’s just something wrong with me, not this book. Since it’s FREE ON AMAZON you should definitely try it and make your own opinion about it.