Declan + Coraline (Ruthless People 0.5) by J.J. McAvoy

Declan + Coraline by J.J. McAvoy
Pages: 269
Series: Ruthless People #0.5
on March 8, 2015

You Don’t Find Love, It Finds You.

Declan + Coraline takes place two years before the start of the Ruthless People. Twenty-three-year-old Coraline Wilson is fresh out of college and just wants to experience life to the fullest for the first time. On her journey towards self-discovery, she ends up meeting twenty-seven-year-old Declan Callahan. They fall for each other hard and fast…but their families may prove to be problematic…
A Ruthless People Prequel Novella (about 46,000 words)

Also in this series: Ruthless People, The Untouchables, American Savages
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Prologue ⭐️

One of my favorite tropes out there is mafia romance. 🖤
I’ve read all Cora Reilly and because I have no reviews for J.J. McAvoy’s books and I crave some bad, ruthless mobsters, here I am, starting to re-read the Ruthless People series.

It appears I’ve skipped Declan & Coraline’s story. I knew them from the other books in the series, but didn’t know how their relationship started.

“My name is Declan Callahan, and I enjoy fine wine, finer women, and sex.”

Declan is Liam’s cousin. He was raised by Sedric and Evelyn after his parents died.
Coraline’s parents are also gone and she returns home from studying economics at Stanford, to run the bank her father left her.

J.J. McAvoy tried to convince me that this was love at first sight for Declan. He saw her, lost his words, saw her again in a club, then in church and decided that he needs to have this woman. It was funny, because naïve Coraline had no idea who he was (only heard good things about the Callahan family 😂🙄) and she turned her back on him a couple of times before agreeing to more.

Another funny thing: once she said yes, she also fucked him in his car, minutes after their first date. 🤔
Don’t get me wrong, it was hot as hell, plus, I know I couldn’t have resisted Declan either, so I’m not one to judge, but, this is actually why I hate novellas. It’s hard to create a complete story. Everything is on fast-forward.
I think I gave the 4⭐️ just because I wished for more. They deserved a full story, more everything. More chasing, more love, more action. More!

“I soon found myself heading towards him like the Titanic towards an iceberg.”

I truly enjoyed reading it. I loved them together, I loved Declan and how protective he was, how he owned his feelings and attraction to her, how he stood up to Sedric fighting for his woman. I liked Coraline for being smart, sassy and cautious once she found out who he really was.

“I wasn’t sure where this bold Coraline was coming from. It was like he was pulling this out of me, or I was feeding off of the energy he was emanating. For the first time in my life, I felt sexy…desired.”

Here’s the thing. If you love mafia romance, there’s no way you can skip Ruthless People series. Therefore, you have to start by picking out this novella. Even if I’ve already read the next books, i’m still super excited for what’s to come.

Bring it on, Ms. McAvoy! 🖤