Conor Thames (Blackwater Boys Book 1) by R.J. Lewis

Conor Thames by R.J. Lewis
Series: Blackwater Boys #1

All Charlotte Miles wants to do is graduate high school with her soul intact, flee the town of Blackwater and the horrors of home, and put the year she spent there behind her. The last thing she expects, though, is to be put in the crosshairs of Blackwater's most notorious man, Conor Thames. One night, one moment, one glare in his direction and her fate is sealed. Reckless and violent, Conor is a loose cannon, but she clings to him, renewed with purpose, feeling things she never thought she could feel. Now she must tame the untameable man and save him from losing everything before it's too late.

Conor Thames is known as a criminal, a thug, a womanizer with a hunger for violence. Having spent his whole life fighting for what's his, he finds a new obsession. Colliding with Charlotte Miles tests every inch of his willpower. Breaking his walls down is surprisingly easy. Changing is questionable. Struggling to be a better man, Conor is soon faced with the biggest decision of all. To keep her safe may mean risking his freedom and everything he's built and known.

To wait means years.
Years that test the love of two souls.

5 Dove Stars ⭐️ 

Wowza where do we start with Conor Thames? I was nervous starting this book. That’s because I really admire this author and she’s been AWOL for awhile and I was scared I was going to hate it when I’ve loved her past books. Fortunately this book was a clusterfuck of goodness that I seriously loved. I feel like I’m going to struggle to explain why, as the plot itself was simplistic but the depth of the storyline packed a punch.

Now those of you that only read ‘safe’ romances or are just morally uptight, move on now because this book is not for you. So, to be clear this is an age gap romance which contains cheating. If you haven’t moaned thus far, it’s absolutely worth the read.

Charlotte Miles is fairly new to Blacktown. In her last year of high school she’s barely surviving. Her home life is disastrous and trying to remain popular is key to minimizing her anguish and suffering.

Conor Thames, criminal, thug, ex-con, he’s got it all going on. But let’s not forget his short fuse temper that will easily land him back in prison. 

Two people, not really supposed to meet for numerous reasons. Most specifically because Charlotte is already dating a member of Conor’s family. But they do….

Girls fell to their feet for this guy. He wasn’t all that beautiful to look at, but you were drawn to him, nonetheless. He possessed a rugged charm, and goddamn if I didn’t feel it.

Can two people fall in love instantly? Can lives become so quickly entwined within 24 hours that it would compromise everything they have known thus far? In their case it did. It was breathtaking watching it unfold and perfect for two broken people.

”Because I’m not a good man, dove. Because I hurt people and don’t feel sorry. Because my heart’s black and I destroy everything I touch. If you don’t feel frightened, there’s something wrong with you.”

Conor Thames may not be a good man but he was a god send to Charlotte and he was an amazing character who I adored. Gruff, sexy, vulnerable and a hero to those he loved. The love of these two was inspiring yet heartbreaking and so breathtakingly raw. This book touched me so many times that I simply couldn’t put it down. There will be a second book which will complete their story. Loved it!

”She was passionate about the rain and I was passionate about the way she loved it. It was that way with everything. It is safe to say that if I didn’t have her, there would be no fire in me at all.”