Complicated Hearts (Complicated Hearts Duet #1) by Ashley Jade

Complicated Hearts by Ashley Jade
Series: Complicated Hearts Duet #1
on June 3, 2017

Breslin-I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw him...and I knew nothing would ever be the same. Then he hurt me. He wrecked me. He ruined me. I spent three years putting myself together-fixing what he broke. I never thought I'd see him again after that day. I was counting on it. Little did I know-life had other plans...and things were going to become a lot more complicated.

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4 Scarred Soul Stars ⭐

This is the story of three young lovers Breslin, Asher and Landon. Three people who have known hardship, abuse, inadequacy and now heartbreak. But fate is fickle and where they believed their stories ended was actually the beginning.

Told from all their points of view the story begins with Landon, a school nerd who has been used for his intelligence and what would benefit others. But all his hard work will reap the rewards.

We then meet Breslin and Asher, high school sweethearts who have existed in each other’s orbit. Completely devoted until hard truths are revealed and the love they once had is now ugly and irreparable.

“I finally understood at that moment why people called it a crush.

Because it’s that glimmer of hope that crushes you in the end.”

Three separate lives and three different paths that eventually collide when they find themselves at the same university together. They are unknowingly bound. What they knew about their sexuality will be tested, and whether they can embrace what they are discovering will determine the outcome.

“I’ll never be able to change who I am and the fact that I’m sexually attracted to both girls and guys. – I’m going to end up alone.

Women will always be uncomfortable because I like dick, and men will never trust me because I also like pussy.”

I realise I am being vague but this is a love triangle that I’m hoping will eventually evolve into a healthy relationship between the three of them. But at this stage betrayal and anger looms like a dark cloud.