Choosing You (Pierced Hearts Duet #2) by M. Robinson

Choosing You by M. Robinson
Pages: 272
Series: The Pierced Hearts Duet #2
on May 8, 2019

A single glance. A fleeting moment. A solitary touch could make everything worth it. This was my breaking point. This was where I lost myself completely. I did the only thing that made sense. The only thing I had left to give. I begged her...To take me with her.

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Faith/Fate ⭐️

Don’t even think of reading my review without at least checking what I had to say about part 1 of this duet!!!

Assuming you listened you me, here we go.
I wasn’t less confused reading this last part of the story, but my intuition told me a few things. I was starting to think I figured things out, when M. Robinson actually dropped the bomb of the century, knocking me on my ass.

Again, the plot will remain a total mystery to you, until you finish read it for yourself.
There’s something I can tell you, though.
If you can’t fathom the idea of having TWO soulmates in a lifetime, meaning someone can’t have TWO times the love of their life, read this book and tell me then.
Everything will make sense in the last 10%. And I really mean EVERYTHING.

Obviously, I feel like this is a must read for every romantic soul out there. Everyone who love romance novels and fairy tales (pink or not) should definitely one-click this dues without any hesitation. It portraits the definition of true love, second chances, fate, destiny, reality of life in all its glory and so much more. 💜