Choosing Us (Pierced Hearts Duet #1) by M. Robinson

Choosing Us by M. Robinson
Pages: 202
Series: The Pierced Hearts Duet #1
on March 21, 2019

What do you do when you meet your soulmate at seven-years-old?
You give…You live…And you love… Together. Forever. To have and to hold.
Until you hear the words, “I just don’t love you anymore.”
Putting an end to me. To you.
To us.
Contemporary Romance Duet: Book 1

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Confusing ⭐️

I simply don’t know how to review this.
I can’t divulge much, because there were so many blanks and I barely understood myself what was happening.

We get the story for the very beginning, when a seven-year-old Aiden watches his mother die and he gets placed in in foster care. That same day he meets his soul-mate, the love of his life, his entire Universe, his best friend, his future wife and mother of his children, Bailey Button “not to be confused with Belly Button”. 🙂

The whole book shows these glimpses from the past and the present, where Aiden and Bailey’s three kids are being raised by a woman name Skylar (we don’t know who she actually is and what’s her relation to the family) with the help of their most recent nanny, Camila.

Since is was written in dual POV – Aiden’s and Camila’s, I got the feeling Camila was our heroine, not Bailey(???). Also, where the heck were the parents? What was happening???

To say this is a page-turner would be a understatement. I kept reading, and reading, holding my breath, praying I didn’t miss any clue or simply figure things out, until I got to the last page and boom! The worst fucking cliffhanger I could have imagined or expected. 🤯