Choke Me (KKinky Reads Collection) by K. Webster, Ker Dukey

by K. Webster, Ker Dukey
Choke Me Series: KKinky Reads Collection #2

From international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster, comes a steamy standalone novella from their KKinky Reads collection!
I had a plan.Make Ren Hayes pay.But plans don’t always turn out the way we want them to.
He was found not guilty of murdering my best friend.But that doesn’t make him innocent.In my eyes, he’s guilty.
Guilty of charming everyone around him into believing his innocence.Guilty of being so intoxicating I forget who he is—what he is.And guilty of awakening parts of me I never knew existed before his touch.
I know eventually, I’ll succumb.His allure beckons me.Keeping me on the edge of madness between lust and hate.
In the end, it’s me who’s guilty.Guilty of allowing him to take my breath away.
This is a super steamy romance sure to take your breath away! A perfect combination of sweet and sexy with a smidgen of suspense that you can gobble up in just an hour or two! You'll get a happy ending that'll make you swoon! This is not a dark romance.

4 Little Lamb Stars ⭐️

Ren Hayes, rich, handsome, drop dead sexy, murderer….

Natasha is seeking revenge. Her best friend is dead, and the accused killer is free.
But what happens when you don’t have all the facts and your path to justice leads you to the one man you should despise? The worst thing is the attraction she can’t explain for Ren, the man she has promised to take down.
But what Natasha didn’t anticipate is that Ren has his eye on her.

“Look how brave you are,” he rumbles into my ear. “I have you in my grip, little lamb. I’m going to bite you and steal your breath. Why aren’t you running?”

Once she walks into the lion’s den, Natasha must admit that the best friend she thought she knew, had her own secrets.
But how do you judge when the very thing she was hiding, may just turn you on as well? And Ren, has every intent to show her.

“Strumming her clit while seizing her breath drives her fucking crazy. Look how perfect she is. One. Her body was created to be dominated—to be breathless—free on the edge of euphoria and beyond it. Two. She was always meant for this—for pleasure—for me. Three.”

Choking Her was a delicious kinky read. Whether breath play tickles your fancy or not, this was a fanatstic spicy taboo read.
A suspenseful story-line, great characters and scorching sex scenes, I was a happy little minx!

“I’m Ren fucking Hayes. I don’t cuddle. I choke and suck and fuck. But one yawn from Nat and it’s clear to me. Tonight, I’m going to cuddle, goddammit.”