Cherry Bomb by Carmel Rhodes

Cherry Bomb by Carmel Rhodes

Coming August 2019
Cherry Bomb is a sexy age-gap story about a college girl who hooks-up with the hot older guy she meets at the restaurant where she works.
Turns out, the hot guy is her roommate's dad!

4 Cherry Girl Stars ⭐️ 

Cherry Bomb is the forbidden story of 19-year-old Cherry Valentine and her best friend’s dad Cash Davidson.  To her defense the last tidbit only came to light after they’d already gotten down and dirty…..

Cherry, a young girl with many issues is trying to get by without completely messing up.  With beauty that she’s oblivious to, and sass that is downright amusing, she is bright with a promising future. Ideally she needs to kick her coke habit and self destructive behaviour in order to get her shit together.

Cash Davidson is used to living the bachelor life. With a failed relationship under his belt, and a daughter that he’s recently discovered, his intentions of making amends are sincere until he lays eyes on Cherry Girl.  What should have been a one-night stand, soon turns into so much more.  Apart from the scorching sex, he recognizes a part of himself in this girl and is at odds at just letting her go.

“You’re kind of a badass. You know that, right? Gorgeous as fuck, a little self-deprecating, and although you’d never admit it, a little sad.”

“You know all that from one drunken night of sex?”

“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life,” I say honestly.”

Cherry’s no idiot, she realizes that this relationship has an expiry date.  It was never going to end well, so why can neither bare to part ways with each other?

”Be—cause,” she stutters. “You like doing bad things to my body, but you love taking care of me. I need this. You need to give it to me.”

This is my first read by this author and it was impressive. Not only was this story deliciously taboo and explicit, both Cash and Cherry were awesome characters in there own right. Cash was swoony and totally screwable, and Cherry was the kind of bombshell you couldn’t help but admire. The best part was their banter and sarcasm that was on point.