Caught For The Holidays by Amber A. Bardan

Caught For The Holidays by Amber A. Bardan
on December 12, 2016

For six months, she’s tormented me. Driven me crazy. For six months, I’ve teetered on the edge of combustion. Been an aggressive monster of her creation, unable to have the one thing I need. Her. She’s made me crazy. Now her games have come to a conclusion she never thought could happen. I’m here, in her room. In her bed. Catching her for the Holiday’s and forever.
Warning: This short romance is pure guilty pleasure. These holidays, get caught up with Matthew, a completely obsessed hero who will stop at nothing to claim the love of his life. This book contains elements which may be triggers for some. Happy Ever After. No cliffhanger.

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3 Startling Stars ⭐

Caught for The Holidays was original, steamy and not what I expected it to be.
If you’d enjoy an extremely erotic stalker story with a twist, this is perfect. HEA guaranteed.
My low rating is purely based on the length of this story which was incredibly short, otherwise it’s definitely worth the read