Captivated by Tessa Bailey, Eve Dangerfield

Captivated by Tessa Bailey, Eve Dangerfield
on June 11, 2018

Secret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gone...not wild exactly. More like lazy. Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies she’s had two priorities; sucking the nitrous out of whipped cream cans and making sex comics about her mysterious landlord.
Blake hates people—and sunlight—with good reason. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself lusting after his upstairs tenant, a sunny, Australian people pleaser down on her luck. Turns out his ability to terrify with a single scowl comes with an advantage. Autumn seems to like it. A lot. As evidenced by the prisoner-captive comic Blake was never meant to see.
As they embark on a three-date arrangement the rules are clear; filthy, ground breaking sex, no feelings or commitment required. When chemistry is this strong, though, attachment follows. As Blake and Autumn attempt to negotiate their New York romance, their prior histories and secret dreams come to the foreground. How long can these polar opposites remain Captivated, when all signs point to disaster?

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5 Fun-Size Stars ⭐️

Autumn, an Australian export is alone in New York after being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend. With limited choices, the end of her working visa is looking appealing.
During a drunken episode amidst her pity party (a bottle of gin with a straw will do that to you), she accidentally gives her landlord a page out of her sex- comic. An explicit illustration of the two of them in a very compromising position.

“Whelp. Smart and fucking humongous. Where had she gotten off turning this guy into a porno comic character?”

Blake has been secretly crushing on Autumn from the sidelines. Even without a boyfriend, he never thought that the fun-size blonde would ever be interested in the man giant with a limp.

“Unbelievable. They’d barely exchanged a word since she moved in, yet they’d been mentally screwing each other’s brains out from two floors away.”

Autumn admits to Blake that he has featured in her fantasies. A kinky fantasy of being captured, restrained and taken advantage of, something she has always longed for.
Blake agrees to fulfill her sexual fantasy on the condition that she agrees to three dates. Three dates to get to know one another and to eliminate any fear that may exist between strangers.
But with Autumns visa expiry date looming, can they both be brave enough to embrace more then the fantasy?

Captivated was an amazing joint effort between Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield. With a combo like this, you are guaranteed a standout read. Filled with a storyline that will have you continuously grinning, swooning and of course fanning yourself, you’re missing out if you haven’t ready this.

“This sunny girl was on a date with a borderline hermit who didn’t know the first thing about repairing post-break up pride—he had zero delusions he could salvage her heart—but was utterly compelled to try.”