Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley

Breathe by Kristen Ashley
Series: Colorado Mountain #4

Breathe by Kristen Ashley
Series: Colorado Mountain #4

I’m starting to think that you can’t rate Kristen Ashley’s book with less than 5 ★.
I wish I could read faster, like a book per hour or something, so I could finish all her books in a day.

Breathe is as amazing as all her other stories. Still in Carnal, Colorado, where Detective Chace Keaton comes back to life. He won’t be alone, though. Besides all previous Colorado Mountain series’ characters, there’s the town’s pretty, shy librarian, Faye Goodknight.

She’s been in love with him for 13 years. Now is their time. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, but be advised, there’s gonna be a bumpy one.

Why did I rate it 5 ★? Because:
1. I got sweet romance. Pink Fairytale material. Chace & Faye together is something to dream about. Not in the beginning, though, when he tells her to “walk her fat ass up the trail and leave him the fkcu alone”.

2. She’s super funny. Don’t be thrown off by the fact that she’s described to be an inexperienced, shy, virgin who lives in her books. She’s far from that, you’ll see.

“Yes, I read. And yes, I do it a lot. And yes, I did it before you because life can suck and living in a fantasy world is a lot more fun than living in the real world sometimes.”

I loved this. I totally agree. You can live in a fantasy world, but still be very much present in the real world. It’s just a sweet escape, that’s it.

3. There’s suspense, mystery, action and heartbreaking moments.

4. Only Faye could say something like:

Okay, and just so you know, I’m angry but still, if I found you were an unknown model of Cylon, I wouldn’t kill you because you’re my mom. But I would find you a habitable planet and dump you there. I’m also angry enough to dump Gaius there with you. He’s brilliant but he’s annoyingly arrogant, smug, a total jerk, completely self-serving and unpredictable. You’d hate him. So that tells you just how angry I am at you for not letting me speak my mind to Dad. Enjoy church and I’ll see you next Saturday.”

5. You’ll stop breathing many times. But then you’ll hear Chace saying:
Baby, breathe.”

It’s beyond amazing. 600+ pages that will make you laugh, cry, swoon and dream.
I’d walk to the ends of the earth hand in hand with Chace Keaton and all he had to do to get me to do it was kiss me deep, smile at me, hold my hand and call me baby.”