Bound by Temptation (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #4) by Cora Reilly

by Cora Reilly
Bound by Temptation Series: Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #4
on September 4, 2015

Liliana Scuderi has been in love with Romero from the moment she first saw him. After her sisters were married off for tactical reasons, she hopes she might be allowed to choose a husband for herself, but when her father promises her to a man more than twice her age that hope is crushed. No begging can make him change his mind.
Romero has always ignored Lily’s flirting. Her age and status made her off-limits but even someone as dutiful as him has only so much control. Wanting her when she’s supposed to marry another man could mean war between New York and the Chicago Outfit, and Romero has always put the Cosa Nostra first.
Lily suspects her sisters and Romero would risk everything for her, but is her happiness worth that much? Is love worth a war between the Cosa Nostra and the Outfit?

Loving ⭐️

Finally, something different! I mean, i was getting a little bit tired of those forced loveless marriages.
Thankfully, Liliana & Romero’s story is a loving one. It wasn’t easy for them, but at least there were true feelings and passion. Plus, there was that forbidden type of love that made it worth it.

Liliana, Aria and Gianna’s little sister became infatuated with Romero soooooo long ago. Once she became of age, he couldn’t ignore her anymore, so they started a secret affair during one summer. That was a huge risk they both took, since all the girls in the mob business must be virgins when they marry and many of them weren’t even kissed before that.
They couldn’t be together just because he was a low rank soldier in the NY Familia and nobody had to gain anything from their marriage. 🙄

I waited a lot to see them together, there was some drama, Aria surprised me being totally different from back when I read her story and I loved the way the story progressed and how things turned towards the end.