Bound by Honor (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #1) by Cora Reilly

Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly
Pages: 253
Series: Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #1
on December 14, 2014

Born into one of the leading Mob families in Chicago, Aria Scuderi struggles to find her own path in a world where no choices are given. Aria was only fifteen when her parents betrothed her to Luca – The Vice – Vitiello, the oldest son of the head of the New York Cosa Nostra to ensure peace between the two families. Now with eighteen, the day Aria has been dreading for years is looming dangerously: her wedding to Luca. Aria is terrified of marrying a man she hardly knows, especially someone like Luca who got his nickname ‘the Vice’ for crushing a man’s throat with his bare hands. Luca might be one of the most sought after men in New York thanks to his good looks, wealth and predator-like charisma that radiates power, but the society girls throwing themselves at him don’t know what Aria does: that the bad boy aura isn’t just a game; blood and death lurk beneath Luca’s striking gray eyes and arrogant smile.In her world a handsome exterior often hides the monster within; a monster who can just as easily kill as kiss you.The only way to escape the marriage to Luca would be to run away and leave everything she’s ever known behind but Aria can’t bear the thought of never seeing her family again. Despite her fear, she decides to go through with the marriage; Aria has grown up among predators like Luca and knows that even most cold-hearted bastards have a heart and she has every intention of working her way into Luca’s.

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Bloody fairy tale ⭐️

I decided to re-read some of my “favorite” books, since I didn’t leave any notes or reviews the first time.
After trying Vicious, I knew I was in the mood for some mafia romance and I picked this one.

Now I remember why I liked it so much, but I don’t feel like it truly deserves the 5⭐️ I initially gave it.
I loved it because even though we’re talking about a forced/arranged marriage (they were engaged when she was fifteen!!!) and Luca Vitiello is scary and ruthless, he was also as close to a Prince Charming as a Capo could be. He was patient, showed compassion and I won’t even bother telling you he was a true alpha, because well duuuh!
I also admired the heroine’s back bone showing up a little bit here and there.
Plot wise, not much is really happening. Maybe that’s why I’ll take 1⭐️ of my rating now, since I have to compare it with Ruthless People, which I definitely remember being so much more than a fairy tale set in the Mafia world.

I’m still invested in the story and I’ll definitely pick the next books in the series as well.