Blue Beaver (Awkward Book 2) by J.B. Heller

Blue Beaver by J.B. Heller
Series: Awkward #2

Did you know that flannel can be deceivingly sexy?
I’m Charlotte, and if blogging and devoting my life to fashion has taught me anything, it’s that flannel was never a good choice.
Turns out, I was wrong. So very wrong.
The first time I met Elijah he told me I was insane and I called him a lunatic. Good times.
Then when he came to my rescue, like a knight dressed in flannel, I had to eat my words. Apparently, not all country folk are serial killers’ intent on feeding you to their pigs. I know right, I was shocked too!
Never in a million years did I imagine myself lusting after a dead sexy, flannel-clad, llama farmer. There’s no way it would ever happen. But he’s determined to change my mind.
And I think, I might just let him.
**For lovers of all things romantic comedy. If you're a fan of Julia Kent, Pippa Grant and Emma Hart, you will adore JB's Awkward ladies.

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3 Drama Llama Stars ⭐️ 

Blue Beaver is the second book in the Awkward Series.  This book was cutesy, part crazy and sassy with two peculiar characters that had me smiling.

Farmer Elijah is your everyday flannel wearing bloke that has put his life on hold since his parents passed.  This has left him with the responsibilities of caring for his two brothers and a farm of Llama’s. But as time goes on, he’s realizing that surely there is more to life.

“At thirty-one, I’ve started questioning if I’ll ever find a partner to share my life with. If I can’t make the time to even try meeting someone, what chance do I have? There’s also the fact that I’m currently sharing my bed with a llama.”

Fashion Blogger Charlotte is on a sex free diet after a one-night stand left her scarred and her vagina despairing.  Living with ‘a debilitating yet invisible disease’ life can be challenging, but it has never stopped her from getting on with things.

When these two accidentally meet, even though they may be from two different sides of the dating spectrum, not even flannel, Llamas and crazy siblings can curb their attraction…..