Beneath This Mask (Beneath #1) by Meghan March

Beneath This Mask by Meghan March
Pages: 290
Series: Beneath #1
on September 4, 2014
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Former Navy fighter pilot. Son of a congressman. Successful businessman in my own right. With a résumé like mine, women have never been a challenge.
Until I met her.
This sexy, tatted-up bad girl wasn’t part of my plans, but that punch to my gut every time I see her tells me I have to know more.She’s a mystery. An enigma. A challenge.
I’m going to figure her out — and then I’m going to make her mine. We’ll find out what she’s hiding... beneath this mask.

Also by this author: Dirty Billionaire, Dirty Together

My review:

Do-over ⭐️

Beneath This Mask you’ll find the story of an amazing strong woman who needs a do-over in life. Her father was just sentenced to 175 years in prison because he committed the largest financial fraud in the history. Charlotte Charlie Agoston leaves her life behind in NY and runs away to start a new one, away from the scandal surrounding her family, landing in New Orleans.

Gone were the designer dresses and red-soled high heels, now she was full of tattoos, underneath ripped jeans, Black Sabbath T-shirts and Chucks. She managed to fly under the radar for about a year, until he found her. My new book-boyfriend, Simon Duchesne. ❤️

“He was the kind of man you waited your whole life to meet, even though you had no idea you were waiting.”

This is that kind of story that will suck you in, put you on edge, and basically leave you breathless. It has everything you might need: a meaningful lot, well developed characters, a swoon worthy hero, strong enough heroine and panty melting chemistry between them.

“She wore her attitude like armor, daring someone to challenge her so she could tell him to fuck off. I shouldn’t have found it so appealing, especially because I was the one she’d most recently told to fuck off. But it was. She made no apologies for who she was, and it was sexy as hell.”

She tried really hard to keep her distance from him, because she knew everything was already too complicated in her life and didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. Unfortunately, with him being a former Navy SEAL fighter pilot, badass alpha and all that, plus that little matter of hearts wanting what it wants, she didn’t stand a chance.

“The good-girl-falling-for-the-bad-boy stories might have happily ever afters, but you never really heard about what happened when the good guy fell for the bad girl.”

First book in the Beneath series and I can’t wait to read the other as well. Meghan March is an exceptional writer who knows how to tell a story, until you become addicted. I’m grateful for the non existent cliffhanger I was used to from this author. 🙂

Check out the beautiful things waiting to be discovered Beneath This Mask. You definitely won’t regret it!