Beautiful Inferno by Abby Gale

Beautiful Inferno by Abby Gale

Those things should've stopped me from wanting her.
They didn't.

4 Melancholy Stars ⭐

We were like a match and gasoline together, destined to explode bringing everything down to ashes.

Beautiful Inferno is a story filled with anguish, hopelessness, suffering, and ultimately beauty in a place it shouldn’t be found. This is a taboo love story as it centres around two individuals not meant to love each other.

I fell in love twice, with the same person.

And just like that I irrevocably fell in love, again, covered in my own blood.

Maya and Zeke grew up together. Where their parents and family repeatedly failed them, the one constant was each other. Being left behind, Maya is tired. The bone numbing kind that comes with working three jobs and being shrouded in despair and loneliness.

They say when your heart is exhausted the sweat runs from your eyes and that was right. I was exhausted from this life, from everything.

Fuck me, this book almost broke me. Zeke is forced to return after an absence of two years. The girl he once knew is gone and all that remains is a shell of emptiness and despair. But she needs him now more then ever before. But offering the salvation they both yearn for will be the ultimate sin.

“Actually, even this term is stupid. Someone I shouldn’t love. Shouldn’t why? Who decides that? Can someone choose who to fall in love with? How can people decide what’s right or wrong for me?”

Honestly, this is my second read and it repeatedly slayed me. And most concerning is that I didn’t care who they were to each other because they truly deserved happiness after everything they endured. I imagine this relationship would be a hard limit for many, but all I could envision was beauty amongst the darkness…