Be With Me by Maya Banks

Be with Me by Maya Banks
Pages: 376
on November 4, 2008

She has a killer on her tail and three men in her bed?

An author who knows how to please turns up the Heat in a sizzling new novel of erotic suspense?

Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer were juvenile delinquents when they formed a friendship with the wealthy but lonely Regina. She felt loved for the first time in her life?by all three. Today she?s a police officer and wary of resuming her relationship with the hot trio?until an attempt is made on her life. When they jump in to protect her, an all-new bond is formed, one riskier than ever before because now a killer looms in the shadows.

It’s quite clear for me that only Nicole Edwards can write menage romance stories. Nothing else came close to that so far.

This is about a woman and three men, all best friends since their childhood. They all love each other deeply and since the first chapter we learn that they acted on those feelings together, about a year previous to where the story begins for us.
This was a little strange for me, being transported directly into the relationship between the MCs, without getting to know them first and experience the build of that relationship.

Again, if you touch a menage type of romance, I expect it to be pure smut, with total alpha males and not much drama. I didn’t enjoy the hesitation in neither of the characters. After their first time together, she ran away from the men for a year, scared of everything. Once they all get back together, they don’t know how to act and to deal with things. Should they be jealous of each other? Should they keep score? It’s crazy.

You should definitely expect more of a “m-f relationship” times 3.