Bad Night Stand (Billionaire’s Club #1) by Elise Faber

Bad Night Stand by Elise Faber
Pages: 250
Series: Billionaire's Club #1
on July 16, 2018

The man had seemed so innocent in the bar—okay, not innocent, per say. He’d been hot, hard, and possessed a butt that I wanted to bite like the last chocolate chip cookie in my stash.

He’d also skipped out of town faster than a villain in a B movie, leaving me woefully unsatisfied. I’d chalked the whole incident up to a bad night stand and moved on with my life.

That was before the news of a failed IUD. Before the plus sign. Before Jordan showed back up determined to make that night up to me.

I didn’t want a baby or a payday or a sexy, stubborn man in my life. I wanted to go back in time and pretend none of it had happened.

Unfortunately, my life had become all about that plus sign . . . and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

When a bad night stand turns into happily ever after. 3.5★

This was a really nice surprise for me. I’ve seen it on Netgalley, read the blurb and requested it. It was approved and I decided to read it next after Getting Schooled by Emma Chase. It didn’t have any other reviews on GR, so I started with a completely open mind and to be honest, without many expectations. But it turned out to be so good.

Here’s what happened: they meet in a bar and because there’s insta-attraction/chemistry on both sides, she invites him back to her place for sex.
Pause to explain the first reason for my 3.5★: they were complete strangers to each other, but she trusted him enough not to use a condom.
It had been a long time for him, so he comes (she doesn’t), then his phone is ringing, he picks it up, hears the bad news and walks out the door without a “bye” or a “thanks”. He had a valid reason for leaving, but still….
Long story short, the heroine got pregnant after this, but don’t worry, life throws them back in each other’s lives, to find their HEA.

Now here’s what I think. The first half of the book was crazy good. I would have given it an easy 5★, because it was funny, intriguing and interesting. But then, after all misunderstandings were clarified, it turned a little vanilla. On the plus side, after an “asshole-y” moment from our hero, he redeemed himself pretty nicely. The whole second part of the book was nice and cozy, with just enough drama to make it “real”.

All in all, I really liked this book and I enjoyed reading it (minus the hammer jokes).
You should definitely give it a chance and see for yourself how you like it.
I’m no expert, but I think Elise Faber did a great job with this story and she deserves her book on the “best seller list”.

PS: the epilogue is basically a preview for the next book in the series and i’m hooked. Can’t wait to read Cecilia and Colin’s story too.

“ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”