Back in Black (Bad Billionaires #4) by Julie Kriss

Back in Black by Julie Kriss
Series: Bad Billionaires #4

I've never been a hero. I'm the lawyer every third-rate criminal calls when he's been arrested - again. Or I was, until one of my clients became one of the richest men in the country. Now I'm supposed to clean up my act.
It isn't so easy. I dress more like a biker than a lawyer, and I have friends in low places. As for women, ten years ago the divorce from hell left me scarred - I live alone, I sleep alone. Trust me, it's for the good of womankind.
Then Charlotte showed up on my doorstep. Willing to work as my assistant to pay off her brother's legal bill. Beautiful and determined, even against the men trying to hurt her. She tells me I drive her crazy. She drives me crazy right back.
I hired her. I watched her turn my life upside down. I saved her. I knocked her up. And then I fell for her.
They say a bad boy can't be a good man. But they've never met me. And they don't know how determined I can be.
The Bad Billionaires series: Book 1: Bad Billionaire Book 2: Dirty Sweet Wild Book 3: Rich Dirty Dangerous Book 4: Back in Black

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5 Chaos Stars ⭐

After spending his entire professional career representing bikers, criminals and low life’s, Ben Henratty can finally clean up his act, but does he want to? He’s the one responsible for paving this life for himself, so he continues to live it as penance. When Charlotte lands on his doorstep needing his legal counsel, a true cause finally presents itself.

“On the surface, he looked pretty much like a failure. Except he didn’t, and he wasn’t. He was some sort of mix between crazy and successful.”

When Charlotte’s brother is taken into custody, it’s just another mess she needs to clean up. Believing it’s a misunderstanding, she seeks out Ben’s assistance at her brother’s request. It doesn’t take long for Ben to determine that this isn’t some small misdemeanour, and that Charlotte’s brother has left out some vital information involving bikers. And everybody knows you don’t fuck with bikers.

In exchange for Ben’s services, Charlotte becomes his assistant. She is tasked with the responsibility of organising his professional life that is surely turning personal. As they struggle to keep their feelings platonic, things escalate when her life becomes in jeopardy and resisting each other is pointless.

“I fucking loved that she looked at me like that.

Like I did it for her.

Like whatever it was that got her hot, I had it in spades.”

Back in Black is the final book in the Bad Billionaire series and I’ve been looking forward to one badass lawyer’s story the entire time. Ben is the ultimate anti-hero and I have been rooting for his happy ending from the very beginning. Topped with an unexpected pregnancy trope, I was in book heaven!