Angel (Made Men #5) by Sarah Brianne

Angel by Sarah Brianne
Series: Made Men #5
on January 31, 2018

Angel is the son of the devil, bleeding Luciano blood.Adalyn is fascinated by bad boys, bleeding Caruso blood.Seized by his enemies, he's only a moment away from death.Toying with the enemy, she's about to get caught in her own trap.One kiss could betray his family and seal his fate.That kiss could cost her life.
I'm just a f**king pawn.I just want to be a f**king mob wife.
*WARNING*This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if sexual situations, violence, drugs, child abuse, and explicit language offends you.
*NOTE TO READERS*To receive the full experience these books are recommended before "Angel" in the following order:
Nero (Made Men, #1)Vincent (Made Men, #2)Chloe (Made Men, #3)Lucca (Made Men, #4)

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I was really curious about Angel, but i must admit I didn’t find this story as great as previous ones.
I loved Adalyn and I wanted more for her, but…
It was a strange relationship since View Spoiler »Angel was in love with another girl and Adalyn was quite fond of MY Lucca/spoiler], but their attraction was undeniable. Another thing was Angel being a total outcast since he is a Luciano, not a Caruso, nobody trusted him, but intrigued all the ladies with his sexiness and tattoos and badassness. ๐Ÿ™‚ Less drama than in the other books, less action…

Anything following Lucca’s story pales in comparison, but I can’t wait to read about Maria.