After the Internship (The Intern #4) by Brooke Cumberland

After the Internship by Brooke Cumberland
Series: The Intern #3

From USA Today Bestselling Author comes the final conclusion of a sexy new romantic-suspense serial...

Sometimes happily ever after isn't quite what it seems.

Bentley and Ceci thought they had their happy ending, but not everything or everyone will be as it seems. Fortune and fame have a price, and when the past comes back to ruin their perfectly, stable family, how will they recover their once epic love story?

You thought their story was over, but it was only the beginning.

After the Internship: A Novella should be read after The Intern, Vol. 1-3 are read.
This is a continuation of Bentley & Ceci's story. Approx. 47,000 words.

Thank God i didn’t pay money for this! I read it for free, thanks to my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Let me tell you why it deserves 1.5 or 2 โ˜….

But let’s start from the beginning. The author says that it’s a *three-part romantic suspense serial.*
We have:
The Intern, Volume 1 – 100 pages: you can read my review here
The Intern, Volume 2 – 158 pages: my review
The Intern, Volume 3 – 211 pages: review here

The first two “volumes” end with major cliffhangers. In my humble opinion, when you have such short novellas, it’s really not cool to use cliffhangers. Reason #1 for saying “thank God” i didn’t actually buy the books.

The hero & heroine. OMG! I don’t remember reading another book where i hated them both in the same time. Ok, maybe not hate, but i definitely didn’t like them. Why you ask? Well, where should i start? If you haven’t read my review of volume 1, let me tell you that she lies and manipulates. It appeared to be quite proud of herself to be able to do that.
And she’s 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ceci gets a job as an intern where she seduces Bentley in the first 2 days she’s there. Of course he’s not able to resist her and after he fucks her, he finds out that she’s hiding something. So what does he do? He believes her lies so he keeps fucking her through out the second volume. Then he finds out the truth and they separate almost all volume 3, where everything happens on fast forward. One day she’s 18, the next is 1 year after and so on. So here I am, trying to get some closure after this major shit, reading and reviewing the 4th (?) volume of this *three-part romantic suspense serial.*

First of all, there’s no romance. It’s just sex, lies, anger, separation and stupid hero&heroine. Ok, I admit, this last part has some romance (and more sex) and it saves the whole thing from being marked as a “DFR” with 1 โ˜….

I forgot to mention why he’s stupid. Here:

Tears begin falling down her pink-tinted cheeks. She’s upset she’s been caught, but perhaps more upset about losing me. Losing us? It didn’t matter anymore – this is unforgivable.”

He felt something was wrong all the time, but he ignored it. He find out the truth and he still thinks there was a “them” somewhere, but he’s not willing to let her explain and when he does, he still doesn’t forgive her. What kind of romance is this???

The funny thing is that she asks herself at some point:

WHEN THE HELL did he fall in love with me?”

Well honey, MY POINT EXACTLY! How did it all happen?

Anyways, another problem. During their hot sex there were a lot of “God”, “Jesus” and “Christ” + Bentley/Ceci. Can we get more creative than that? I’m so far from being religious, but calling God and His family 10 times in one page, seems a little bit too much.

This 4th volume is their HEA. Which could have been nice enough, if there wasn’t for that forced and unnecessary drama. The whole thing was a major drama, why add more? Why add more that doesn’t make sense?

I don’t know if I painted a complete picture for you, but I feel was a lost day from my life with this stupid thing. At least the sex has hot, even with God & Jesus Christ always there. ๐Ÿ™‚