Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield
on September 27, 2017

Just because Kate 'Middleton' McGrath, wants a man to call 'daddy' in bed doesn't mean - Oh, you stopped reading. Cool.
Kate gets it. Kinks aren't for everyone. Hell, they're probably not for Mr. Henderson, her grumpaholic boss. She really shouldn't have a crush on him, but the man is just so goddamn stern. Sure, a lot of that comes down to 'being her boss,' but still, it feels like there might be something there.
Tyler Henderson is a golden boy who's lost his shine. He's old, his dream career is over, his fiancée's left him.
Now all the former firefighter can do is try and bury his troubles in paperwork and hard liquor. He says 'try' because he can't get Middleton out of his head long enough to wallow properly. He's not going anywhere near the girl. HR issues aside, he's done with sweetness and things don't come sweeter than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats.
A case of mistaken identity causes Kate and Ty's attraction to give way to blistering sex. They have more in common - and more to lose - than either of them realized.
When it comes to unreasonable attraction you can rarely change your mind but can you act your age?

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5 Crazily Good Stars ⭐️ 

Tyler Henderson, middle aged, washed out, borderline alcoholic, cannot stand the sight of his colleague Kate McGrath (Middleton). With her trademark giggles, pretty hair and overall sweetness he can barely look at her. But who is he kidding?
Middleton has been crushing on Ty since she began at their engineering firm. What she doesn’t understand is his strong dislike towards her when all she has ever been is nice… 

On a business trip away, Ty unwillingly comes to Middleton’s rescue when she almost becomes ‘an unknowing pornstar’ on a night out. When by chance they end up in bed together, they accidentally discover their mutual perversions, more accurately their fascination with daddy kink.

“As though some higher power had said ‘Daddy’ is the word, and the word is Daddy and Daddy is the only thing that will turn your crank. Also, you have a sadistic streak, enjoy that. Amen.”

When neither can deny their attraction any longer, they agree to enter a consensual relationship that blows their mind.

“As their eyes locked she felt a surge arc through her body, excitement so all-encompassing she could barely breathe. He was giving her a look no boss would give their employee unless they wanted a one-way ticket to sexual-harrassmentville.”

Act Your Age ticked all my boxes. A kinky read that was cleverly written with an asshole hero lusting over the awkward girl. And, a happy ending that you were wishing for from the very beginning. Just note that this book is ridiculously hot.

This is my second read of Act your Age and I can honestly say this book has only gotten better in my opinion. As an author Eve Dangerfield is refreshingly unique. Her writing style is quirky as hell, genuinely relatable and snort out loud funny. There is nothing generic about her.