Clubwhore (Devil’s Renegade MC #1) by Kim Jones

Clubwhore by Kim Jones

Clubwhore by Kim Jones

One of the darkest, saddest stories I read in a while.
I had two faces today:



So it appears MC is definitely not my thing. I might have had a fantasy regarding hot biker guys, but after 2 ★ Reaper’s Property of Joanna Wylde and now this bullcrap, I decided never again to touch any MC books. I’ll stick to my pink fairytales and if I want drama, angst or pure dark i will go to J.A. Huss. At least she shocks me, but her stories touch something else in me too.

Clubwhore is about a lost woman. She might come as super strong in the beginning, saying she likes sex and she’s not ashamed and she is who she is, not giving a damn what people say or think, but there’s more to the story than that. You don’t have to be a shrink to figure out that she’s actually fucked up and she’s fighting some pretty horrible demons inside.

Her life was miserable until settling inside the MC. She feels she deserves a punishment for her sins, so she gets herself beaten by her brother each Sunday and abused by her trash mother.. Again, all this being her choice. She drives herself there and she also gives them money.

I’m don’t judge. Honestly. You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want, I’ll always respect you. But i guess i have my limits. I can understand people who enjoy pain & physical abuse.

A guy appears in her life. A guy who tries to control her and fix her, but I don’t agree with his methods either. There’s only man who can pull that crap and that’s Christian Grey, just because I truly believe in his love for Anastasia, who, by the way, i don’t consider her being damaged like Clubwhore Delilah. Also, I feel like FSOG is about so much more than BDSM.

Anyways, back to this story. I feel the ending is as bad as the whole book. She tells him for the second time she loves him and he turns his back and leaves her. Turns out he has his own demons and he’s just as fucked up. She crashes a car, spends a few weeks in the hospital, being close to dead and then BOOM! All’s good. I feel like I didn’t get a closure. I don’t think their problems are solved and I don’t feel like it was a HEA. Maybe I’m wrong……

I would have loved to read a story about a strong woman who enjoys sex, without all the other problems. She would have had all my respect and maybe a sort of envy. But that not the case here. I surprised myself being able to finish it. My first instinct was to drop it at 30% and mark it as DNF.

I definitely can’t recommend it to anyone. Maybe there are readers stronger than me who can enjoy it somehow. Oh, and there was a lot of sex, but it didn’t do anything to me. Nothing. Zip. Nada. All gates closed. I regret buying this book.