Wait for You (Wait for You #1) by J. Lynn

Wait for You by J. Lynn
Series: Wait for You #1

There are so many things wrong with this one, I don’t even know where to start.
Something really bad happened to Avery when she was 15. Besides that, her parents are huge assholes, made of ice. She goes to college as far away as she can, to run from all that.

First day she runs into Cameron. Literally. Bumps into him, in a hurry to get to class. Guess what? They are classmates, of course. AND partners in a project.

Guess what? He falls in love with her that very second. He says it happened when she kept turning him down, but why ask her out if you don’t like her, huh?

Guess what? They also live in the same building, a few doors from one another.

Guess what? He has a reputation for being a player. He even has a skanky ho fighting for his attention in all the wrong times and places.

Guess what else? Because of that bad thing that happened to her, she’s super secretive, doesn’t trust anyone, doesn’t let anyone in. And man, Cam is really trying there. He asks her out everyday for 3, 4 months? She keeps saying no. He tries to be her friend and he’s more than patient, he even comes to her apartment every Sunday morning to cook her breakfast. And she keeps saying no.

Guess what? Because of that bad thing that happened to her 5 years ago, she tried to kill herself, by slashing her wrists. Of course she’s super ashamed of her scars, now.

So, you see? I feel my blood pressure rising.
First of all: stop with the damn clichés.
Second: I hate stupid heroines. The feminist in me is revolted when I read about a girl that infuriating in her stupidity, that I want to bitch slap her.
Third: You can’t have a nice guy like Cam relentlessly chase a girl for sooooo loooooong.
Forth: You might suspect what happened to Avery, but you won’t know for sure until the very end.
Fifth: You don’t get to play hard to get when you haven’t even been kissed ever before.
Sixth: If bad things happened to you, maybe you should be able to recognize when something good come your way.
Seventh: Drinking at 14-15. Going to a party where you do that and also going alone with a boy three years older than you into a bedroom, in his house, after you’ve been drinking.
Eight: I’m quite sick of reading about young girls that were rapped. Especially when the story is this bad and to be really honest (which might not be such a good idea) the author makes it hard for me to be sympathetic.

Sorry, I guess I’m really disappointed. This is definitely not for me.
If I failed to make my point, I recommend you this other review I found on Goodreads. It’s way better that mine. 2 ★ review.