Alex by Sawyer Bennett

Alex by Sawyer Bennett

I think I need to stop having high or low expectations from any of the novels that i decide to read. I thought i was gonna love this one but, sadly, that was not the case.

We have a hockey player, Alex and a drug counselor, Sutton. Both of them had crappy childhoods and came from families where the dad was an abusive addict. The difference is that she overcame all that and turned her life around, not letting her past dictate her future and he remained a miserable prick convinced that life sucks and always will. He’s the best player there is, but hates hockey. He’s an angry loner and a jerk to everybody around him.
They meet because his team makes him the spokesman for an anti-drug campaign and, as such, he will be working closely with a Wake County Drug Crisis Center representative, who of course will be Sutton.

Now, here are my issues with this book:

– he starts off as a prick. He succeeds in making us believe him that he really is a prick with daddy issues. BUT then he meets Sutton and suddenly he’s a Saint? Sweet, seductive, attentive and all that? How come? Ok, we’ve read this before, the woman changing the man for the better, but for 5★ ratings I need to see a story. How does the woman tame the beast? How does he get to be all grown-up and worthy?

– all that misery he brings. I get it. He had a rough and horrible childhood and it breaks my heart. BUT what i’ll remember him for are 3 things only: his abusive dad, hockey and not understanding his feelings for Sutton. I feel like these are the only things he talks about. (This book is written with alternating POVs).

– i didn’t like the author’s style of writing. In the chapters where we got Alex’s POV she used expressions that i didn’t feel would come from a hockey player. I’m sorry i didn’t highlight any to give you a concrete example. Then, the sex part. In the beginning it was kinda “shy”, not too hot. But then it got hot, but i didn’t feel anything. It was like a “sport” between them and that’s it.

– honestly? At some point i got bored and even fell asleep. Maybe i was tired, maybe i wasn’t in the right state of mind to read this one (it has happened before – reading a book, not liking it, reading it again after some time and loving it) or maybe it’s simply not my cup of tea.

All in all, it’s an ok novel. I’m not sure i’ll continue the series, though. Not soon, at least.