Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1) by Tara Sivec

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec
Series: Chocolate Lovers #1

This is one of the funniest book I have ever read! You start laughing out loud from the first page and by the end you find yourself rolling on the floor. The story is quite simple, but the way it’s written makes it so great.
We have a 20y old Claire, in her 2nd year of college found herself dragged at a frat party by her best friend, Liz. She meets a handsome and funny guy and decides to give him her virginity.
“I want to reach in my pants, pull out my virginity, wrap it up and put a bow on it. Or maybe stick it in a gift bag from Target and give it to him like a present with a nice card that says “thank you for being you! Just a little virginity to show you my gratitude!”.
The thing is that she gets pregnant and she doesn’t even know the baby daddy’s name. She looks for him and tries to find him, but without any luck.
The story jumps to 5 years later, when we find Claire working at a bar. Of course, HE appears with his friend and this is how it actually starts. 🙂
I forgot to mention that this book is not for those of you who are a little prude. 🙂 Even her little boy says “big people words”. 🙂
Don’t expect much of a story here, as I mentioned before, but sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s just too funny to be missed.